Achieve Remarkable ROI with Google’s Demand Gen AI-Advertising Platform

Google launches AI-powered Demand Gen & Video View campaigns to connect businesses with engaged consumers and reshape digital advertising.

Achieve Remarkable ROI with Google’s Demand Gen AI-Advertising Platform
Image Credit: Google

Here’s what you’ll get in this article:

  • Google Introduces Demand Gen and Video View Campaigns: Google is leveraging its AI capabilities to launch two groundbreaking advertising solutions, Demand Gen and Video View campaigns, designed to connect businesses with consumers from the mid-funnel stage to purchase completion.
  • Demand Gen’s Innovative Features for Social Marketers: Demand Gen, a potential game-changer, integrates a brand's top-performing video and image assets across Google’s key platforms (YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Discover, Gmail), and offers streamlined ad creation, lookalike audience targeting, and robust measurement tools.
  • Phased Rollout and Seamless Upgrade Path for Discovery Campaigns: Google outlines a clear upgrade path for advertisers, starting with immediate beta enrollment options, full availability in Google Ads starting in October, and automatic upgrades for all remaining Discovery campaigns beginning in early 2024.

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