Data-Driven Selling with First-Party Data

Data Driven Selling with First Party Data

Understanding the customer journey is the holy grail for many publishers. Now, it’s a reality. In this video, Mark spoke at the SIIA BIMS conference in 2018, as CDPs and first-party data were just starting to hit the publishing mainstream. Hear how he provides a wealth of knowledge about first party data leading to business decisions, including providing better customer insights, consolidating its websites to create a more scalable solution, and applying data integration and predictive analytics to generate a clear picture of customer priorities, along with revenue opportunities across advertising, paid content subscriptions, and events. All of these data points and marketing solutions are still as relevant today as they were then.

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Mark E. Chiles is the Founder of Overwrite Media and has an extensive two-decade career in progressive technology and digital media. He's been a speaker at several digital marketing, media, and customer data conferences. Connect with him on Twitter @markechiles or on LinkedIn.