Subscriptions Are Growing...Exponentially

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Subscriptions Are Growing...Exponentially

Hey Overwrite Media Fam!

I know it’s been a little bit since I put out a newsletter. Life has been a bit hectic, and there has been a lot of noise in media related to Twitter. So, I took a little bit of time to regroup.

First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who has read any of the Overwrite Media newsletters since its inception in August 2021. I started it as a side project that I could create using my expertise in media and technology to bring a different level of understanding to a broader audience.

2023 is going to be the time for subscriptions

I’ve been in media for nearly 15 years at Hart Energy. I’ve been the Chief Digital Officer and Senior Vice President of Digital there since 2016 while having held previous positions as Director of IT, Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Vice President of Digital Operations. Prior to that, I spent the better part of 7 years honing my skills as a system administrator, network engineer, and software developer.

In my time, I’ve seen the media landscape change from a traditional magazine and print-supported industry to an evolving business landscape of content consumption habits changing to digital products, starting with the invention of the smartphone, and what that does to the revenue stream models for media companies across the spectrum. These market dynamics also change the valuations of media companies and steer toward higher valuations of those with recurring revenue streams (paid subscriptions) over ad-supported companies. It’s easier to project revenue when it’s recurring versus advertising/marketing supported which can easily be cut during an economic crisis. People will still need information, even when advertisers have no marketing budget.