YouTube Launches Shorts Creator Revenue Program

YouTube Shorts will provide monetization options for creators starting in 2023 as part of the YouTube Partner Program.

YouTube Launches Shorts Creator Revenue Program

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Being a YouTube creator myself, I received an email, earlier this week, from YouTube about new ways to earn with Shorts. YouTube is working to gain more short-form video creators to try to gain back video market share as the de-facto video creator platform.

Amjad Hanif, VP of Creator Products at YouTube announced on Tuesday that YouTube Shorts creators will have the opportunity to make revenue by way of ad revenue sharing through the YouTube Partner Program.

The changes will take effect going into 2023. Starting in January, creators will be able to partake in getting a 45 percent cut of ads if they have 1,000 subscribers with 10 million views on Shorts in a 90-day period. Ads will appear in the feed, in a very similar fashion to TikTok's ad strategy. The general ad revenue option through the Partner Program is 1,000 subscribers with 4,000 watch hours, with a revenue share of 55 percent of ad revenue. The 10 million views could add up much quicker than 4,000 hours of watch time...just think of how easy it is to get caught in the TikTok black hole! Shorts are a different product to advertise on, as there's no ability to do pre-, mid-, or post-roll ads directly on the videos. Therefore, the view requirement is an easier identifier of a channel's viability.


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